Guardian article 3rd August 2015

MIN and Unity In The Community were mentioned in The Guardian on Monday 3rd August – the article highlights positive stories from people taking action across the world to help refugees, balancing out the hysteria of the tabloids, challenging negative stereotypes, and recognising everyone as human beings with a right to freedom, peace, and human rights.

‘In the Maryhill area of Glasgow, a part of the city that still receives many asylum seekers, Remzije Sherifi runs the Maryhill Integration Network where people from around the world come together in award winning dance and music projects.
“We have established great links between new arrivals and local people. This grows organically from the heart if people can understand why someone would have to flee their country. It’s still hard, there are still people struggling, but there are always doors open”‘

Read the full article here – Give me your tired, your poor…the Europeans embracing migrants.