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Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) was established in 2001, became a registered charity (SCO37300) in March 2006 and then a SCIO in May 2016. We are an independently constituted unincorporated voluntary organisation. We have an Executive Committee consisting of the Network office bearers and members of the network.

MIN brings communities together through, art, social, cultural and educational groups and projects, offering people a chance to learn new skills, meet new people, share experiences and take part in worthwhile activities to improve their communities.

Remzije Sherifi – Development Co-Ordinator
Liane Coia – Senior Administrative Officer
Rose Filippi – Development Worker







MIN works in partnership to develop projects and services that meet the needs of the local community. These aim to build bonds and links within and between communities to encourage cross-cultural understanding and celebrate diversity.

MIN understands that integration is not possible by working with only a particular group within the community and so encourages participation from people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities living within Greater Maryhill, the North West area of Glasgow and beyond.

MIN has an Open Door Policy and you are welcome to drop in to our office for more information or advice from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Our Activities Include:

ESOL Classes
Dance and Theatre Production Project
Women’s Group
Men’s Group
Community Choir
Garden Club
(for full details please go to Weekly Programme )

MIN also organises a number of community based social events to coincide with national events such as:
International Women’s Day
Refugee Week
Black History Month
16 Days of Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women
(for details of current events please go our Upcoming Events)

Disclaimer: mIN is an independent organisation that is not affiliated to any political or religious groups. It is open to all regardless of background. Any information provided will be treated in confidence and only used for the purposes for which it was provided.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi
    my name is mohammed
    I would like to join your community organisation MIN
    could you give me more information about
    what kind of help can it give?
    what kinds of things do volunteers do?
    how does volunteering help the volunteers?
    what skills\experience\qualifications do volunteers need?
    hope to hear from you

    • Hi Mohammed
      Thank you for contacting us. MIN runs a variety of community groups and projects that aim to provide social and learning activities to help people, particularly from asylum seeker, refugee and migrant backgrounds, to get to know their local community, make friends and learn new skills. We also provide advice and support on welfare, housing, immigration and where to go for other services that you may need. If you would like to join any of activities you can find more information about when and where they are on on the Weekly Programme page. Volunteering roles can range from helping out with groups and activities to assisting us in the office and volunteers gain new skills and experience that can help when looking for work, applying for college etc. The skills and experience needed depends on the volunteer role. If you are interested in volunteering with us then please complete the Sign Up form via this link and our Volunteer Co-ordinator will be in touch with you.
      Kind regards

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